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Bed bugs belong to the family Cimicidae and class insecta. They are flat, oval and wingless. These are reddish-brown bugs that are usually less then 7mm long, have moderately long, slender antennae, thin legs and vestigial wings in the form of stubs. Females can deposit one to five eggs a day, and may lay 200 to 500 eggs in a lifetime. Under normal room temperatures and with an adequate food supply, bed bugs can live over 300 days.

They can run surprisingly fast. They are found in human habitations, particularly bedrooms and feed upon human blood. Lacking human blood, this insect will feed on the blood of rats, mice, rabbits or chickens. It can survive without food for up to 15 months. The bed bug is not known to transmit any human diseases. Bed bugs were brought to North America by early colonists.

Elimination of bed bugs from a structure is unlike any other pest control challenge. It requires joint efforts of the client and the pest management expert. Through preparation of the site by the client, a thorough inspection, precise and targeted treatment of the bug harborage sites are the key to successful bed bug control.

Treatment: Vacuuming & Spraying Bed Bug Management Services consists of a thorough inspection of the entire premise. The most common places are beds, mattresses, pillows storage cabinets, sofas, walls, etc.

Bedbugs Control Bangalore - Spray Treatment Insecticide spray treatment to be carried out fortnightly in the internal room area to control Bedbugs infestations and as a preventative measure for future increases in pest infestation levels. Nymphs and eggs of the bedbugs can not be eradicated in first session treatment, bed bug control service intervene the 2 session treatment after 15 days as soon the nymphs or eggs gets hatched the second treatment eradicate those infestation as well.

Bed bugs have nothing to do with the cleanliness of your home! The inherent quality of bed bugs is that they are hitch-hikers. Due to this, your home can’t be bed bug-proofed. You can only treat it. They easily travel by latching on to clothes, baggage and even laptops. This makes pest control for bed bugs a necessity in the cleanest of homes

The Procedure of the treatment is as follows

1).Vacuuming will be done for beds, Pillows, bed sheets,sofa.

2).UV Sanitizing treatment to Destroy e the bed bugs egg.

3).Your furniture, cots, mattress, curtains, hidden places, and wall cracks will be sprayed with herbal insecticides mixed with water.

4).You will have to keep away children and pets away at the time of treatment.

5).Within 45 minutes (approximately) 2 BHK house will be treated.

6).Later after the treatment, your house should be closed for 3 hours so that hidden bed bugs will come out and die.

7).You will get complete results within 3 hours.