Protect Your Home Against Bed Bugs!

What do you do when you discover an unknowing pest in or around your home? Can you identify the pest quickly and safely?. Check creases and folds of mattress, box spring and bedding and inspect headboard.

Bees & Wasps: Interesting Facts

The group of insects that includes bees and wasps is a very large one, with many thousands of different kinds, and including some of the most important insects in Nature. Once again, their trivia and tidbits are fascinating.

Commercial Services

From restaurants, convenience stores, apartment buildings and warehouse facilities we can customize our level of service in order to meet any of your needs or budget concerns.

Heat kills bed bugs?

Wash linens and pillowxases in high tempreratures, wash delicate lines in warm water and dry on high heat setting. Seal all cracks and crevices also seal loose wallpaper and any opeings where pipes or wire enter the home.

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Bedbug Eggs Vanish